JETPACK – Orange Float – THC SHOT


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Made with natural flavors, natural sweeteners, and premium ingredients. Squeeze a 10ml JetPackTM 30mg THC liquid shot to 250ml of your favorite hot or cool beverage for a discreet, medicating experience.

For best results, use JetPack(TM) in 250ml of liquid and add ice AFTER mixing – things dissolve better in warmer temperatures than cold.

This is the easiest thing you will do all day. Whiteside down, hold your JetPack between your thumb and middle finger over what you want to open it into. Use your index finger to push down in the middle as your thumb and middle finger begin to fold the card. Once you have the package nearly bent in half, get your index finger out of the way and keep folding – you should hear a little crack – this means you have opened the pack and can now begin squeezing the contents into your container.


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