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Our Original cannabis-infused Jelly Bombs are perfect for daytime use. They’re made with a Sativa dominant extract and contain 8 servings, or 80 mg of THC.  If you’re looking for a focused and energetic high, this is the edible for you.
Weed Taste Strength: 2/5

CBD Jelly Bombs are often described as an “oasis of calm”, but these gummies don’t get you high. They’re made with 80 mg of CBD and are often used to help manage pain, inflammation and anxiety.
Weed Taste Strength: 0/5

New to edibles? These gummies contain equal parts THC and CBD, and their low dose make microdosing easy. CBD helps reduce any feelings of being “too high”, so you can feel comfortable about your cannabis experience.
Weed Taste Strength: 1/5

Our Zzz Bombs are packed with 80 mg THC and are infused with a cannabis extract derived from an Indica strain. They’re great for helping you relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.
Weed Taste Strength: 3/5

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Mango – Sativa, Raspberry – Indica, Pineapple – CBD, Peach – CBD, Orange – Sativa, Black Cherry – Indica, Cherry – Sativa, Apple – Sativa, Orange – CBD:THC, Mango – CBD:THC, Haileys Comet – Grape 1 to 1, Haileys Comet – Watermelon 1 to 1


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